b nice plz n tnx
Jordyn. 16. These are my every day thoughts and struggles and I'd be honored if you told me yours. Feel free to ask for advice on anything or confess anything idec I just want to help you all <3
You're ridiculously pretty. I can't even asked by Anonymous

thank you :)



I am selling my clothes and accessories and such but since i know a lot of people have commented on liking my style on here that I thought I’d extend the offer to y’all!!!

I’ll post pictures of some of the stuff that I’m selling and I’ll also post the link so you can see it all!

You don’t have to have an account on poshmark to buy my stuff, if people end up being interested I’ll set up a paypal account and we can do it that way.

There’s also a lot of stuff that I’m undecided if I will sell or not a stuff that I simply haven’t put up so if you have a request just ask and I’ll see if I can meet your needs!! 

Also even if you aren’t interested I REALLY appreciate it if you’d reblog because I’m starting college this fall and I neeeed money!

**15% for people that follow me, NO END DATE** <3 <3






also me and ryan broke up a month ago just a few days shy of our one year anniversary but fuck am i glad i got outta there

i always forget to post on this blog but i committed to purdue yay



so far i’ve gotten into michigan state and belmont and im really leaning towards michigan state so if you go there please message me and tell me if you like it or not!!

me and ryan have been together for 9 months tehe i guess i am capable of holding a long lasting relationship

my dog is such a retard he has been at the bottom of the stairs whining and barking for 30 minutes but refuses to come up here nigga what do you want from me im not sleeping on the couch with you